Derek Perez

Founder / CEO

Over 25 years of combined marketing and automotive sales experience. Derek has been a successful partner in several dealerships across the country, opening several start-ups, and leading the path for groundbreaking marketing in the automotive industry. Derek founded Think Ad Group with his passion and knowledge of the automotive digital world. Derek is responsible for developing and creating new solutions for the Think team!

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Justin Searle

Vice President of Sales

Joined the team after spending over 15 years of executive management experience in the automotive industry. Justin’s primary responsibility is overseeing all aspects of Think Ad Group’s accounts and helps our client’s meet their digital marketing and sales goals. Justin brings an unparalleled personality, knowledge, and enthusiasm to Think! He is also the host of our weekly Think Tank Zoom calls!

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Evelyn Kelly

Customer Relations & Marketing Director

An integral part of the Think team, Evelyn brings a wealth of experience to work every day. Evelyn worked for several years in the transportation industry as a corporate controller, a tax accountant, and owned a successful digital arts/media business. Evelyn immerses herself in a broad scope of Think marketing and provides support in a variety of capacities for the agency’s clients and operations.

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Jon Santiago

Accounts Manager

Jon joined the team after spending 10 years as the accounts manager of a large marketing agency who specialized in Automotive marketing. Jon brings a wealth of knowledge in many different areas. The combination of his experience integrated into the Think platform helps provide our clients with a proven process and full-service marketing platform, that simply put, generates amazing results. Jon prides himself on making sure our clients are successful with every campaign they do. Constantly analyzing data and preparing strategies that will help clients build off their success month after month.

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Steven Larrinaga

Chief Of Sales and Marketing

Bio Coming Soon

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