Simple Reporting

No login or passwords to remember. We just send you one easy to read report.Thats it!

Record what matters

Otto™ has got your back! Every inbound call is recorded. You will be able to listen to the details.

Otto Scribe™ New Feature

Imagine when an important word is mentioned from your caller. Otto Scribe will notify you and transcribe the call.

Dynamic Lead Routing

Have a unique situation? Otto™ has endless call routing capabilities for any unique situation.

Call to CRM New Feature

Yes we did it! An industry first we can send your inbound calls directly to your CRM as a lead.

Never Miss a hot lead 🔥

We deliver real-time notifications delivered by email, text or live call connect. You only deal with prospects ready to buy.

Live Support

Need support or have a question?Call, text or email us. No sitting on hold or waiting in line.

ROI Matchback

Proof is in the pudding! Detailed matchback report all the way down to the penny.

Easy Set Up

Just pick a campaign,upload your leads and data, review your campaign and your ready to launch. It's really that simple.


Our cutting-edge AI technology is hidden in an old-fashioned letter. Can you even see it?

We start with a personalized 100% REAL hand-written note, using a blue ink pen, on a yellow legal pad paper. We even make business cards with your photo (this is where the hidden AI technology journey begins for your customer). We insert the personal letter and business card into a #10 handwritten envelope. You can actually see and feel the indentation of the pen. Each piece is then mailed with a live stamp.

The QR code can be scanned by simply opening your camera app on your device and aiming it at the code. Go ahead give it a try!

Let us do the dialing, and you do the selling!

Over 80 percent of all outbound sales calls end up going to voicemail. Otto Voice™ will deliver a non intrusive personal message via voicemail without ever ringing your customers phone. We just simply leave a message with your offer and thats it.

Otto™ pre-screens every inbound call and only delivers qualified prospects ready to take advantage of your offer. Sounds pretty cool huh? Dial this number to see how it works! (925) 900-5340

Otto Text™ is packed with the latest in machine learning and AI technology. Each campaign is carefully created to meet the expectations of your customer experience. We carefully navigate your customer through the sales journey. Your client will be ready to sign on the dotted line when we connect you with them. Sounds too good to be true, right? Try it below for yourself, on your own device!

Create a social frenzy!

Our team will create a highly engaging POST that goes viral through our proprietary process as "YOUR" page. Potential customers will then interact with the ad by either sending a comment or message to the page. Once they interact, our LIVE U.S BASED BDC responds to the incoming lead.

The BDC will then set an appointment for the customer, get all of the customers information, then push the appointment into your dealerships CRM.

“I’ve had a great experience working with your team. Think has seamlessly executed our marketing strategy with expertise. Your ability to provide consistent results, 4% response rate from your mail, keeps our store ahead of the competition. We feel like Think is an extension of our business, not just another vendor.”

Scott SilvaManaging PartnerCalifornia Ford Dealer

Think ad group reached out to me in the beginning of the pandemic and wanted to be a part of the solution. The technology they developed is a Game Changer! Give them your data and leads and prepare to be amazed by the results.

Rudy "El Patronn" TreminioManaging PartnerNew York Mitsubishi & VW Dealer